SYN-AIR final event, thank you to everyone involved!

Thank you all for participating in SYN-AIR’s final event! Special thanks to: i) the consortium members that did an amazing job the past two years, congrats to everyone for all the hard work. ii) the stakeholders that assisted us in creating the Smart Contracts Framework iii) siblings projects’ partners such as MODUS, XTEAM2D, IP4MaaS, DATA4PT, MOBIDATALAB, […]

SESAR Innovation Day 7/12, results!

SESAR Innovation Day Budapest

Last 7/12 Professor Katrina Kukic was invited to the SESAR Innovation Day program to present the results of that analysis performed within the SYN-AIR project, as part of the Mobility session. The SESAR Innovation Days 2022 was hosted by HungaroControl at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest. It was a great pleasure presenting SYN+AIR´s […]

Review Meeting

SYN+AIR partners participated last Friday (2/12) at the review meeting providing details on the work conducted for the 2nd half of the project. As SYN-AIR, we are pleased with the feedback on the review that we have received so far by the European Commission, and equally relevant, for the successful partnership with all the participants […]

Webinar: Methodologies and Data-based Technology Solutions for Improved European Mobility. November 22nd

SYN+AIR is going to be presented at Webinar: Methodologies and Data-based Technology Solutions for Improved European Mobility organized by MOBIDATALAB  you still have time to register at Mobility data sharing is not fully satisfactory nowadays, meaning that the quality and availability of data are not sufficient to support the change towards a new mobility paradigm. […]

Airport: The knowledge webinars 22/11

Register now for the next webinar on Airports and Security: Systems and solutions revolutionising aviation security. Next webinar will be the 22/11 from 11:00 to 12:00 Register here:

TRA2022 Invited Sessions 16/11

Multimodality projects of SESAR and Europe’s rail as well as DATA4PT project, join forces to highlight how to overcome barriers to data sharing and to enhance multimodal door-to-door seamless transport. Don’t miss the session on the 16/11 rom 15.00 till 16:30 in Room 5C under TRA2022 Invited Sessions initiatives, happening in Lisbon this week. Check […]

SYN-AIR’s 2nd stakeholders workshop takes place on the 25th of October

SYN+AIR´s stakeholders will join us tomorrow (25/10) at the 2nd workshop from 10:00CET to 12:00CET via following this link . The 1st stakeholders workshop took place last 22nd of September 2021, as a side event in IMC21 in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain. We will be glad to have you attending the workshop, we highly value your knowledge in […]

SYN+AIR was successfully presented at the SESAR 3JU annual conference

SYN-AIR was presenting at the first SESAR 3 JU annual conference that took place on the 12th of October 2022 in Brussels. At the SESAR 3 JU’s first annual conference, leaders from the aviation industry and European institutions discussed the role  that disruptive technologies can play in delivering a robust and sustainable airspace for Europe. […]